Best Bike Racks for RVs to Buy in 2023

An RV bike rack is a useful accessory because it offers a safe way to transport bikes on an RV (Recreational Vehicle) or motorhome. It is essential to use high-quality RV bike racks so that you can transport bikes without any issues.

However, the massive range of bike racks for RVs makes it difficult to choose an appropriate model for your RV. In this blog, we will list the best RV bike racks that you can buy for your RV in 2023. But before moving on to that, let’s get familiar with the different types of bike racks available for RVs.

Most Popular Types of Racks for RVs

The following are the most popular types of racks for RVs:

  • Ladder-Mounted RV Bike Racks

The ladder-mounted RV bike racks attach to the roof access ladder. They allow you to carry bikes while freeing the hitch to tow other accessories. You can easily attach a ladder-mounted bike rack to your RV ladder without using any tools. All you have to do is hook over the ladder rung or the step, and you are all set to travel hassle-free.

  • Hitch-Mounted RV Bike Racks

A hitch-mounted RV rack easily holds bikes parallel to the RV. This type of bike rack comes in two styles, i.e., tube-top and tray rack. Tube-top racks hold the bikes by their frames, while tray racks stand the bikes upright by resting the tires in the tray.

  • Bumper-Mounted RV Bike Racks

A bumper-mounted RV bike rack attaches to your RV’s bumper through a bumper-mount or bolt-on receiver. This RV bike rack can secure your bikes by setting them on the RV’s bumper. A bumper-mounted rack allows you to keep the ladder free for other uses.

  • Front-Mounted RV Bike Racks

Front-mounted RV bike racks are more stable than bumper-mounted racks. It puts all the weight of bikes on the front of the RV, which increases the stability of the vehicle.

Factors to Consider for Buying the Best Bike Rack for Your RV

Let’s now discuss the important factors that you should consider for buying the best bike rack for your RV.

  • Bike Capacity

Firstly, you need to figure out the number of bikes that you want to carry in your RV. This will help you to choose the right RV rack for your bike. If you want to carry multiple bikes, narrow down your search to bike racks that can carry two or more bikes.

  • Build Quality

Build quality is one of the major factors because poor-quality racks can cause major troubles. For instance, a low-quality bike rack can get damaged easily, especially when you are traveling on bad roads.

  • Maximum Load Capacity

After considering a rack’s bike capacity and required build quality, you need to check its load capacity. The load capacity indicates the total weight of the bikes that the rack can handle. Make sure the load capacity of the bike rack is more than the weight of your bike(s).

  • Ease of Use

If it is hard to use an RV rack, you may find it difficult to load and unload bikes. Various bike racks offer a simple process to load and attach bikes to your RV.

  • Budget

After evaluating all your requirements for the bike racks, you should consider your budget. You can easily go for the popular RV racks brands if your budget is appropriate.

  • Brand Reputation

Many brands manufacture RV bike racks, and that’s why you always need to consider the reputation of a manufacturer before buying its bike rack. You can also go through the user reviews of a bike rack model to decide whether you should buy it or not.

5 Best Bike Racks for RV

This section will give you brief information about the top 5 bike racks for RVs.

1. Super Duty Double Rack by 1UP USA

Weight – 47 lb

Bike Capacity – 2 Standard, 4 with Add-ons 

Load Capacity – 225 lb (50-75 lb/bike)

Mounting Type – Hitch Mount

The Super Duty Double Rack is a hitch-mounted carrier that can easily fit a 2-inch receiver. The weight of this rack is 47 pounds, and it offers a load capacity of over 225 pounds.

It is designed as a fixed 2-bike system where you can’t remove the second tray. You can mount bikes having wheel sizes anywhere between 16 to 29 inches with over 3.1 inches in width. If you want to carry multiple bikes on your RV, this double rack by 1UP USA is a great option.

2. Thule Range 4-bike Hanging RV Bike Rack

Weight – 36 lb

Bike Capacity – 4

Load Capacity – 150 lb (37.5 lb/bike)

Mounting Type – Bumper Mount

Thule Range 4-bike Hanging RV Bike Rack is designed to carry bikes on the rear of your RV. This rack is durable, protective, and secured to carry 4 bikes easily.

It is a bumper-mounted rack so that you can attach your bikes to the back side of the RV. You can quickly attach and secure the bikes using the ratcheting cradle strap. 

3. Swagman Traveler XC2

Weight – N/A

Bike Capacity – 2

Load Capacity – 70 lb (35 lb/bike)

Mounting Type – Hitch Mount

Swagman Traveler XC2 rack is designed to carry bikes on the back of your RV. It is a bumper-mounted rack suitable for trailers, RVs, campers, etc.

Swagman Traveler XC2 racks need a 2-inch Class 3 hitch receiver, or you can mount it to the 4.5-inch continuous steel welded bumper adapter. You can easily carry two or more bikes, but the maximum weight should be 35 pounds per bike. It also has an upright with push-button ratcheting hooks that allow quick mounting.

4. Yakima LongHaul RV Bike Rack – 4 Bikes

Weight – 32 lb

Bike Capacity – 4

Load Capacity – 150 lb (37.5 lb/bike)

Mounting Type – Hitch Mount

The Yakima LongHaul RV bike rack is a heavy-duty hitch rack that allows you to carry four bikes, and it comes with premium ratcheting straps. The rack contains dual arms to give excellent stability and offers a locking hitch pin with an integrated cable lock.

This rack has two safety straps with buckles to ensure the bikes are placed securely. Additionally, the Yakima LongHaul RV bike rack has a sturdy steel construction with a chip-resistant powder-coated finish.

5. Futura GP RV Bike Rack for Travel Trailer Tongue A-Frame Bike Rack Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Weight – 44 lb

Bike Capacity – 2

Load Capacity – 80 lb (40lb/bike)

Mounting Type – Hitch Mount

The Future GP RV bike rack is a front-mounted bike rack. It allows you to place the bikes closest to the RV to maintain control over the vehicle while turning them.

This rack is made up of Canadian steel, making it a heavy-duty product that can last for several years. Furthermore, it has rubber on the hooks to protect the bike’s frame.

Should You Install a Bike Rack on Your RV?

Yes! You can definitely install a bike rack on your RV or motorhome. It gives you extra space and a dependable approach to carrying bikes wherever you want. However, choosing the right bike rack for an RV is essential because improper bike racks can damage your bikes as well as your RV in many ways.


So this was all about the best bike racks for RVs. In all, RV bike racks allow you to carry bikes securely wherever you want with your RV. However, make sure you choose an appropriate bike rack that meets all your requirements and fits well with your RV.

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